Privacy Policy

Adult Smoker Research and the organizations it partners with are responsible marketers who take consumer privacy very seriously. While Adult Smoker Research does not sell or otherwise disclose any registrant’s or panel member’s personal information to third parties, the results of the surveys we conduct may be disclosed to certain parties, including our clients and, in some cases, regulatory agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration.

Adult Smoker Research contacts only adult smokers who voluntarily completed a survey in exchange for offers and information about products and services. An adult smoker’s choice not to participate in these programs is consistently honored. Adult Smoker Research ensures that safeguards are in place to preclude unauthorized access to any participating adult smoker’s data. Panel members can remove their contact information and from future Adult Smoker Research mailings by following the “opt out” instructions on our website or writing to Adult Smoker Research at the following address:

Adult Smoker Research
Attn: Customer Service
P.O. Box 1430
Clemmons, NC 27012-1430

Adult Smoker Research respects and honors all “opt out” requests. Any changes to this privacy policy, will be posted on this section website.

Member Terms and Conditions

Adult Smoker Research is pleased that you have chosen to join our research panel. Below are some brief terms and conditions, which you must read and agree to prior to completing our registration process. Your registration confirms your willingness to abide by these terms, and all eligibility determinations made by Adult Smoker Research, its clients, or other parties pertinent to our research.

Adult Smoker Research is an equal opportunity provider. However, the following persons, their immediate family (spouse, children, sibling, parent, grandparent) or other household members are ineligible to participate in our surveys: employees and management of Adult Smoker Research, certain affiliates, public relation firms, advertising firms, marketing firms, and marketing research and analysis firms, consultants, and contractors.

How to Register:
Registration is required and is the initial step in becoming an Adult Smoker Research panel member. Only one registration per person will be accepted and all required information must be provided to validate your age and enrollment. After completing the initial questionnaire, you will receive an email to validate your email address.

Individuals are invited to register to become a member of the Adult Smoker Research panel. Eligibility to participate in surveys varies by project and is determined by Adult Smoker Research. Panel members are invited to participate in surveys based on the qualifying criteria provided during registration. Cash incentives or coupons are offered to panel members for completing most surveys. Adult Smoker Research reserves the right to modify these conditions at its discretion and at any time.

All registrants must be smokers 21 years of age or older. You must also be a legal resident of the United States. To register you must have a working email address and must create a unique user name and password. Registering gives Adult Smoker Research permission to send you related emails which pertain to, but may not be limited to, messages regarding your participation in surveys.

By providing additional information pertaining to the other members of your household, Adult Smoker Research may contact you regarding the participation of the other adult smoker members of your household in other surveys. This will always be explained in the text of the email to make certain the proper household member responds.

Unless it is under the previous terms regarding the other members of your household, no panel member may allow any other person to use their unique user name and password to complete surveys. If it is determined that individuals other than the panel member or other invited household members are completing surveys using the panel member's unique user name and password, incentives for these surveys will not be paid. Such a violation of the terms and conditions may result in the cancellation of your membership and disqualification from any future participation. Adult Smoker Research panel members agree not to use, disclose, duplicate, sell, or distribute the information contained in our surveys for any purpose.

Adult Smoker Research assumes no responsibility for any internet, computer or telephone connection losses and/or difficulties; transmission failures either via telephone or computer; technical failures; or any other human, software, hardware, or electronic errors of any type. Anyone abusing or altering any aspect of the website associated with Adult Smoker Research will be eliminated and disqualified from participating in surveys and their membership will be dissolved as well as proper legal action taken as necessary.

Adult Smoker Research reserves the right to disqualify a panel member's participation in any survey if it is determined that the information provided was fabricated in any way. Incentives will not be paid in such cases.

Cash incentives or coupons for tobacco products are provided for full participation in most Adult Smoker Research surveys. Cash payments are only made if the panel member is in good standing and there were not validation or data quality problems. As part of the membership process you permit Adult Smoker Research and/or its affiliates to contact you to validate your participation and the accuracy of your responses.

All information provided during registration is considered entirely private and confidential and will never be reported on an individual basis, which directly identifies the panel member Adult Smoker Research does not sell any registrant or panel member’s information to third parties. For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.